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Languedoc Rousillon is one of the worlds largest wine producing regions.

Wine has been produced here in the Southern Languedoc for thousands of years. It is thought that the Greeks were the first to plant vines here where they flourished due to the Mediterranean climate. The Romans continued to develop wines in the region and it is believed that the worlds first sparkling wine was produced here at the monastery of St. Hilaire in the 16th Century where monks visiting from the Champagne region, learned the art and returned home to produce what eventually became the Champagne we know today. The composition of Champagne and the use of the Champagne name is restricted by an appellation but Limoux continues to produce its own sparkling wine, Blanquette which has it's own appellation. 

Whilst the Blanquette is what the local area is most famous for, many fine, still wines are made here, mostly by the more cosmopolitan small growers who cater for the international taste. The notoriously difficult to grow Pinot Noir grape grows well on the hills around Limoux and hence there are many excellent wines made from this sort after variety [the rose is a particular favorite of ours!]


You will see many signs when travelling the roads from Quillan to Carcasonne and Perpignan advertising Caves (wineries) and Degustation (tasting). The owners are more than happy to show you around their vineyards and if you like the wine, you can often buy it direct from them at a discount.

The links below have further information about the wines of the region. Limoux, the centre of the industry locally, is only a 30 min drive.

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